Why do I Love Riding Bicycles 


Cycling is my favorite thing to do. I started to love cycling when I was a kid. I remember my first bike, my mother gave it to me as a present. It was a pink colored bicycle with a stabiliser and a basket on the front side. It was hidden inside the box. I remember the joy I’ve felt when it was revealed in front of me. It was the most significant birthday present I have received.  


I also remember vividly the day the stabilisers came off. It was two weeks after my birthday, after my mother taught me how to ride my bike. She was running behind and not telling me she’d let go as I carried on without falling. After that, I was off. I remember many childhood crashes, including when my sister and I decided it would be a really good idea to ride to the park just the two of us, without the consent of our parents. 


Riding a bicycle has saved me so much time, and money. I passed my driving test and I have my own car but then I rather choose to cycle every day. I only use my car if I have to go somewhere far from the city or if there’s an event I need to attend.  


When you ride a bicycle, you have the chance and time to see beautiful views so much more than other forms of transport. On one holiday, I stopped to look at some beautiful places along a country road. I could smell the warmth and scent of fresh air, trees and flowers while the early evening glow caught the sunsets. I mentioned this to my friend who lives locally and who had driven along that route hundreds of times using her car but, naturally keeping his eye on the road, had even never noticed there were a lot of stunning places and views at the area of the road. Riding a bike allows you to cover so much more ground than walking, but you can see so much more than from a car. On the other ride I’ve made using my bicycle, I spotted a bird, squirrels and a snake wriggling into a bush. You’d frighten them off with a roaring engine, or even turn them into roadkill. 


These are the things that other forms of transport will never give you.